Fallen (The Chosen Series #1) by Christine James

Title: Fallen
Author: Christine James
Series: The Chosen Series
Publisher: self published
Published: April 7,2011
Pages: 202

From the Publisher: Angelo searched for the one to save them for centuries. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect it to be a girl. From the beginning, he was drawn to her, but how could such a slip of a girl be the one to save mankind. He was supposed to train her and explain what she was, but how could he do his job and resist her at the same time? Could he put attractions aside and focus on his job and what he needed to do?
It was just supposed to be a fun night at their small town carnival, but a bizarre encounter with a mysterious fortune teller changed Erin’s life forever.
Then there was the stranger, the man who she literally ran into. A beautiful stranger that wouldn’t leave her thoughts and who suddenly haunted her dreams. Something about him pulled her to him, like an anchor sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Little did she know her life was about to change when he revealed to her that she wasn’t exactly human, and that she was destined to fight the most powerful evil on earth.
Erin’s life collided with Angelo’s, and now they are both in for a ride as they fight for the world, and fight their attraction for one another.

**This book was submitted to The Book Hookup but that did not influence the review**

Celeste’s review: I love books with angels so I was pretty excited to start this, not to mention the cover is wicked cool.

The story:
The heroine, Erin, lives in a very small town and knows everyone who lives there. After a night at the annual carnival she meets someone she has never seen before: Angelo. Of course he is gorgeous, and has sliver grey eyes that are sometimes light, and sometimes dark. For whatever reason Erin has an attraction to him, and as much as she tries to ignore the attraction she physically can’t. I know, right? I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

It doesn’t take Erin long to know something is  “not normal”, and luckily Angelo begins to give her details. This story is told in just the right way, with just the right amount of clues being given out so the story can build slowly. I won’t say any more about the plot since I don’t want to spoil. You’ll just have to read to see where the story goes. 😉

The characters:

  • Erin: I liked her immediately. She is honest with her feelings and someone I’d want to be friends with.
  • Angelo: A sexy hero; perfect face, perfect body, and who can forget he has silver eyes?
  • Anna: Your typical bff. Fun and giggly.
  • Blaze: Angelo’s best friend and I have 2 words for him: raw sex. Come on guys, just give in to passion! lol
  • Angie: Bitchy and sexy, but I think she and Erin will end up becoming friends.

The romance:
Well, there is definitely a hot physical attraction on both sides. I loved how they mentally talked to each other.  My teensy gripe here is that they were a little too “in love”, followed by breaking up, then back to forgiveness all so quickly. However, Erin and Angelo are linked to be mates which means they have an undeniable attraction on both a physical and emotional level that isn’t normal to begin with. So, on that note, I tried to make peace with the relationship that didn’t happen quite naturally in my mind.  I also prefer a slow buildup and lots of angst rather than just going at it. However, it was still enjoyable if you catch my drift *fans self*.

Plot twist:
Didn’t see that coming! I was surprised at the development of learning who killed Erin’s mother. I was totally not expecting that. Or that. Ha! I would tell you but then it would spoil! The book went from really enjoyable and semi-predictable to ooooooh, I like this twist even though I’m biting my nails.

The ending:
Typical in the way there was a big battle scene, but it’s scenes like this where we learn many truths, people’s loyalties and true potential of powers. The book ended on a great note without a cliffhanger and a nice happily ever after. However, there’s still danger lurking as the main bad guy will probably regroup and try once again to rule the earth.

Rec it?
Yes! It’s a great quick read and a romance. Not for the younger crowd.


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