What did you read this weekend?

Happy Monday!!

We were able to sneak in some reading time this weekend!
Were you?

You know how this goes…
we’ll show you ours if you show us yours!!

Tell us what you’re reading!!

Ephemeral - CoverAna:  I started Ephemeral (The Countenance #1) by Addison Moore.  It’s great to have a new series from one of our favorite authors so I was excited to start reading this book.  So far there’s a great mystery going on.  Laken remembers being in a car accident and is sure she died.  But, she awakens in a difference place with complete strangers who claim to know her…and even to be her family.  I enjoy Addison’s writing style and am looking forward to taking on this adventure with Laken…who knows what’s going on in this parallel world!!

Amy: I started Guitar Notes by Mary Amato. The story begins with alternating POV’s between Tripp and Lyla, and tells the tale of two perfect strangers brought together by their love of music. So far the storyline is light, entertaining and very witty. I LOVED the cover of this book so much that I just had to buy an actual copy for my bookshelf.. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Christina: This weekend I finished Mystic City (Mystic City #1) by Theo Lawrence. It was an captivating tale from the beginning to end. In a dystopian Manhattan, Aria, a daughter of one of the two prominent feuding families- the Roses- finds herself without her recent memories and engaged to the son of her family’s enemy, Thomas, from the Foster family. It’s said that their marriage will unite the family against a greater evil, the Mystics from the Depths. However, through scandals, lies, betrayals, and love, Aria finds herself on a whirlwind romance and it’s not with her fiancée.

Celeste: I also read Mystic City by Theo Lawrence. Wow!! It was solid action from beginning to end. This dystopian novel was ramped up a notch because not only was it dystopian but there was also the element of magic. Of course what completed it for me was the intense romance. A must read! Stay tuned for my review with Christina this week. 🙂



  1. Well. This weekend I finished ‘the kill order’. I loved the maze runners series! But was really disapointed with this one. It just didn’t clear up anything. It made me even more confuzzled.
    So. Now I’ve started with the Vincent boys.

    • Did you complain to the author that he left you confused?!? lol
      I read the Vincent Boys and enjoyed it. Let me know what you think!

      • Uhm, no. LOL Well, I did post my opinion on good reads.
        I got stuck in the Vincent boys. Need to get started again.

  2. Freak Magnet (Andrew Auseon)-okay. An ARC by Eloisa James-*smh*. Halfway through GONE (Michael Grant)-this is the weekend’s winner! GREAT YA dystopian!

  3. Mystic city looks so good. I’m looking forward to read your review on that one 🙂 I’m reading Throne of glass and I love it ❤

  4. I finished In The Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning. Now I’m going to start Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

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